Mathieu Schreyer


DJ Mathieu Schreyer taste for style that extends beyond his record selection

Angeleno, April 2009

When KCRW’s Mathieu Schreyer, 33, isn’t DJ-ing Fridays on air or Tuesday nights at Bar Marmont, he juggles record producing (from his Venice home studio), modeling (including ads for Apple and Stüssy) and sound consulting (for spots like the Chateau’s lobby). “I take the whole week to prepare my show. You have to take time with music it’s a lifetime-long relationship,” says the music mixer, who currently favors such artists as Ed Vallance, Iman Williams and The Crooked Spoke. The Parisian transplant (and longtime BF of actress Rosario Dawson) stays in the mix by combining rising labels, like Chatav Ectabit, with Margiela, Gucci and Lanvin classics. “In New York and Paris, I’m the norm. But that’s why I like to be here. I stand out. I have a sound.” —Alexis Johnson

STYLE STAPLES: A.P.C. new cure raw denim, Makins leather fedora, Globe-Trotter luggage, Rick Owens black trench

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