Esthetician Melanie Simon has her clients all charged up—in more ways than one

Angeleno, November 2011

Melanie Simon

Skin Deep: Melanie Simon is on the pulse of beauty.

Melanie Simon has perfected (and just about patented!) her signature facial, a multi-machine, low-dose electrical current that mimics your body’s natural frequency to recharge and encourages the cell regeneration that occurs naturally when you fall into delta sleep. Using pico- or nanocurrents that travel through electrical sponges, steel wands and giant glass probes, Simon can target just about any ailment—from dark circles to lymphatic drainage. Most importantly, the technique can improve the texture, density and luminosity of the skin. Her secret weapon? A $200,000 cache of four customized mobile machines: one was developed with NASA technology, another by two Nobel Prize-winning physicists, a third by the inventor of the pacemaker and the fourth by connective-tissue firm LPG.

“I’m the only person in the world doing this. When you get a treatment, it actually stays in the skin for 72 hours and continues to work. IT’s the equivalent of staying in a deep-sleep tank for three days,” Simon says. Treatments are about 75 minutes and start at $200, but the perfectionist won’t stop until she’s corrected whatever needs correcting, whether that means extractions or needling to reduce scar tissue.

Today Simon maintains practices in Montecito and Jackson Hole (, where she spends about half the year with her pro snowboarder husband Kyle Clancy and their 5-year-old daughter. A frequent visitor to L.A., Simon regularly sees her local clients in their homes or sets up a temporary office at the likes of Chateau Marmont, and she has her sights set on opening a practice here so that clients can receive treatments even when she’s not in town.

In the meantime, everyone can take home Simon’s magic with her results-driven product line, Circ-Cell (, which includes her newly launched Crème E.R.3 ($150), an age-defying complex she developed with SaMo-based Dr. Michael Galitzer (Suzanne Somers’ renowned hormone replacement physician). The goal is to “replicate healthy hormonal production on the skin without spiking hormone levels,” says Simon, whose line targets peri- and postmenopausal women and those older than 30. “You can literally feed that bad organ what it’s no longer receving from blood supply and preserve the skin. You really can do that.” —Alexis Johnson

Simon Says!

A few of the esthetician’s L.A. beauty musts.

“I always stop by Dr. Michael Galitzer’s office for a checkup. He specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement and homeopathic medicine.” 12381 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 102, L.A., 800.392.2623,

WAX. Best Brazilian in town. They are quick and efficient, and have an exclusive on an Australian wax that doesn’t cause ingrown hairs.” 7924 Melrose Ave., L.A., 323.951.9616,

“Botox from Dr. Rhonda Rand—she’s got the best injection style. That woman is a miracle worker. She is extremely conservative, which is a dying art. I send everybody to her. She’s fantastic with Sculptra, which I think is just the best filler on the market right now.” 436 N. Roxbury Dr., Ste. 212, Beverly Hills, 310.273.0466,


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