10 Questions for 2 Primp Pros

The List Collective, July 2012Kathryn Romeyn and Alexis Johnson

ELAINE SAYS: I love finding great, new beauty products but as we all know, they’re expensive! This is definitely an area in which it pays off to have a trusted resource and for me, Alexis Johnson and Kathryn Romeyn of BEAUTY BENDER have become just that….they are on top of their game! So of course, when they ASKED ME TO CONTRIBUTE A LIST OF MY OWN FAVORITES to their site, I not only grabbed by iPad but invited them to do the same. Below, the tables have been turned on 2 of my favorite “Primp Pros” as they reveal their own personal product list for us. Alexis got the first 5 and Kathryn the second….Get ready to bookmark! Read More

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