Davy Crockettes


Hipsters embrace fashion’s latest frontier

Angeleno, June 2008

Whether you’re dancing with wolves or dancing at The Woods, anything feathered and fringed is the de facto look for summer partying. Style maven Erin Wasson ruled the red carpet in full plumage at a recent Chanel party, while nightlife gamines jumped on the chuck wagon with leather-tassled bags and bone jewelry. Going native has been gaining momentum since trailblazers Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen were caught on the street with Davy Crockett-meets-Pocahontas headbands and moccasins a few years ago. Then, for spring, Etro and Pucci sent heeled moccasins and fringed frocks breezing down the catwalks. Recently, at Hollywood hangout The Room, nouveau crockettes Tennesse Thomas and Charlotte Froom—two-thirds of the local band The Like—topped black-and-white dresses with coonskin caps. Forehand bands also ran rampant at this year’s Coachella Music Festival, perhaps influenced by the recent clothing installation World Fringe: An Entho, Bobo, Afro, Pow-Wow at Chintatown hipster boutique New High (M)art. Co-owner T-RIK curated the shop with everything from Guatemalan fanny packs and oversized African necklaces to trinkets from the Philippines. Even local boho musician Devendra Banhart waited in line to stock up. And feathered hats by Laura Kranitz have been blowing out the door at the über-popular Echo Park clothing shop Show Pony. “There’s something in the air,” says the milliner. “People are really overwhelmed with what’s going on in the world. And fashion always reflects politics and what’s going on in society. It’s kind of a throwback to 1969.” Now that the backwoods is taking over Hollywood, free-spirited ingénues can let down their hair and explore and new frontier. —Alexis Johnson

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