Celeb manicurist Kimmie Kyees talks shop

Angeleno, January 2009

Manicurist Kimmie Kyees has recently become the celeb sector’s go-to gal, dialed up for Paris’ post-jail Larry King interview, Britney’s “Womanizer” video and Rihanna’s upcoming Grammys appearance. Yet the NoHo resident may be most excited right now about new fad Minx. Kyees is one of the only major practitioners to offer the treatment, a customizable heat-bonded film that covers nails for up to a month with anything from plaid and American flags to Obama’s face—the latter of which was applied to Beyonce’s digits.

First off, give us the Paris-on-Larry King Live play-by-play. I went to her grandma’s house. There were coaches getting her ready to go, but all in all, it was pretty calm. How’d you choose the shade? We used Sugar Daddy: something light and barely there. Very ladylike. What’s next in nails? Lots of colors—blues, dark greens. But right now, I’ve got black-and-white houndstooth Minx on my toes. Sounds eye-popping. The first time I ever saw Minx, we were doing Lisa Marie Presley and her toes looked like they had been dipped in 14-karat gold. I was converted. Any backstage memories you hope never to relive? I was polishing nails backstage at a concert for Rihanna once and they wouldn’t dry. They stayed wet—we had to take them off and spray the nails black with an airbrush machine in order for them to be ready in time. It turns out that the humidifier running in the dressing room was putting so much moisture in the air that the polish wouldn’t dry. —Alexis Johnson

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